>Give a Dog a Bone

A friend said to the Universe, “throw me a bone.”

My friend, like me is doing all the right things. Has done a lot of inner work.  
And, we ask, where is the bone?
When does the master give the dog a bone?
A.  When the dog obeys his master.
If we have not gotten a bone, in what ways are we not obeying the Master/the Universe?
Or have we gotten the bone, but it’s not the one we wanted?  How many have we had that we just spit out, and refuse to chew on?
These questions aren’t to bring about shame, or to even make us try more.  
Because the Master wants to give us the bone.  The Master lives for this. 
But He/She also wants to make sure we are ready for the bone.  
That we will use the bone- 
Enjoy the bone- 
Chew it all up so that we may have more.
Because where there is one, there is another.
What bone are you chewing on now, that you can begin to appreciate, and learn from?
Are you almost finished, and ready for another?  
When we give in, so to speak, to the Master, whom or whatever that is for us, we say, “I have faith.  I understand.  I know you have my best interest.”  This takes us out of the driver’s seat, our ego’s anyway, and allows us to be humbled, and perhaps enjoy chewing on whatever bone comes to us.  In this way, and only this way, can we be free.
The Soul Reporter

3 thoughts on “>Give a Dog a Bone

  1. >Seed time and harvest is what the good book has written all over this blog. We if the creator provided us with all the things we asked for we would not be happy with them. See we ask for things wanting something else. Life always gives us what we need while we search for our wants. "Be careful for what you ask for because you just might get it". We ask life for a bone in this case and when the bone shows up we don't accept it because it is not the size we wanted or the type we wanted. We are spoiled in these thoughts and should do a check up from the neck up because our thoughts and expectations are the issue here not the bone. OBMO

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