>The Beauty We Bring


When the soul looks upon this Divine Sun, the brightness dazzles it….
And very often it remains completely blind, absorbed, amazed, and dazzled by all the 
Wonders it sees.  ~St. Teresa of Avila

We have to be ready for the kind of beauty we can bring. 

We must be prepared.  
It is because of this preparation, that the river I spoke of in the poem below, flows, and not floods.  (See Like a River)
I’ve been frustrated with myself for years.  Why can’t I bring it, I would scold myself.  I feel the beauty. I feel the wisdom inside of me, but dammit, why can’t I bring it (out)?
In many ways I wasn’t ready.  I had not opened enough.  I had not trusted enough. I was too backed up with other issues, which were creating sedentary behaviors, destructive patterns, and uninspired thoughts.
But I am here to tell you it is well worth the work, whatever that work might be, which allows the channels to open just enough for the beauty and wisdom within to shine through.  
Just as we may sit in awe of a sunset or a sunrise, and maybe be moved to tears by its falling or lifting before us; this kind of beauty, and more is inside us ALL.  And this kind of beauty could overwhelm,  and make those of us blind, who are not yet ready to succumb to our spiritual possession.  
Our Possession is this:  pure, innocent, vibrant beauty, joy, and grace that is alive and everywhere present within us. Just you wait and see.  See what your potential can be.  And trust right now you are being prepared and cleared of all that stands in your way of who you truly are.
Part of the clearing work, is to be brave and willing to look at the shadows which try to cast out the sun. Your “weak” spots, which when neglected can cause harm and destruction.  All they seek is an understanding and embrace from us, sometimes  just a simple look of compassion, or at least of wonder and curiosity.  
This look, if you believe in God, or Jesus, is how you might imagine them to look at you- with eyes of deep love, commitment and belief. Perhaps the way we wish our parents would have looked at us. I once heard it said, I believe by the author Toni Morrison: All children want to see is that our faces light up when they walk into a room.  
Many of us did not see those sparkling faces. Instead we saw frustrated, stressed out, angry tired and worn out faces. Parents who were distracted, and displaced in their own lives.   It wasn’t their fault, just like as many of us are parents now, it isn’t our fault.  But, let’s own our “weak” spots, and then let them go.  For we cannot fully surrender anyone or anything until we truly love what we fear and pretend we do not see.
By letting go, we can become the loving and generous parent to ourselves, our children and those around us.  One day when I was down about not feeling loved, honored, and seen, I saw these words peeking from my car’s sun visor:  God sees me.  
If no one else in this world sees me, at least I know God sees me.
As God looks upon us, let us begin to see the beauty everywhere on the outside and inside of us. Let us commit to being more invested in ourselves and others, and less distracted by our “weak spots.”  Let’s give it ALL our full attention, and light up ourselves, this world, and each other.

4 thoughts on “>The Beauty We Bring

  1. >Excellent post! This was my favorite part: “Just as we may sit in awe of a sunset or a sunrise, and maybe be moved to tears by its falling or lifting before us; this kind of beauty, and more is inside us ALL.”Yes, I agree that the divine energy flowing all around us and giving everything we see vitality — that is the same divine energy flowing through us. Thanks for this great post!

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