>Where is She?

>I had a dream I kissed her.

Who I kissed was me, but a messier me. 
Her hair was in dreads.  Her house was a mess.
Nothing like the me I see.
But I like her. 
I love her.
My brain feels numb.

Am I alive?
A part of me is.  
A dull piece; 
A piece that exists to exist.
But I want more.
Where is the part that wants more?
Is she in the voice that says she wants more?
Is she the me in the dream?
Where else is she?
Is she in this poem?
Today you said you’re happy.
I’m happy you’re happy.
My happiness is somewhere tied up in her.
Where is her expression?
You tell me to trust her.
Stop driving.
Let my will and desires, that seem to keep changing be the driving guide.
Are these wills and desires of her?
Where is she?
Where am I?
A part of me feels dead.
Did her kiss awaken me?
If so, when?
When will she become alive in me?

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