>On the Periphery of Me

>You’ll always be on the periphery of me.

And for today it is okay.  
Because you are on the periphery, you will never see my complexities.  
You will never dwell in my vulnerabilities, and possibilities.  
Instead I become lost to you.  
And thoughts of me confuse you.  Overwhelm you.  
You think your blank stare will make me turn from you. 
I won’t.  
I am glad I am me, and not you.  
I can feel the pain of your stare, which means I will feel the joy of your Presence.  
Should it ever come.

Come closer, and the power of Me can sustain you. Fulfill you. Perhaps, consume you.
What are you waiting for?
If not you, then someone else.
He cannot give me what I need.
He’ll always be on the periphery of me.
And it’s not okay.    

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