>A New Enterprise

>This past July I entered a short film contest through Lifetime Network. They were looking for Hollywood’s next woman filmmaker, and I thought why not.

During the course of two or three weeks, I followed a desire to do something new, responded to a vision, which began the film process, asked for and received the assistance of three actors, created a story board, and began filming. After filming, I used my Mac to upload the film and edit, adding sound and subtle effects. It was an amazing process, which came easily and naturally. Plus I had fun and felt delighted by its completion.

Results of the contest were just announced. I was not a winner, but didn’t expect to be either. However it would have been a nice surprise. I have uploaded the movie for you to watch, and included the link to Lifetime where you can watch and vote for the videos that were acknowledged.

As I watched the short films, I realized I did pretty well considering I did it all on my own, other than the acting and some filming. I also realized I am more than capable of pursuing this new enterprise even further to see where it can lead. And I learned some things about film.

A great film evokes emotion. It allows you to connect and empathize with the characters. It invokes curiosity about ourselves to go into realms we may otherwise not, which inspires us to go beyond our perceived limitations. As an aspiring filmmaker I understand that it takes more than a good idea, or a vision to make a great movie. Like an orchestra, it takes all of the elements of creative, technical and spiritual to harmonize beautifully together.

I welcome your comments about my first short film, and hope to share more of them with you.



For better viewing, check it out on my new YouTube Channel

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