>Where Do You Need to Go?

>”Where do you need to go to get the lesson?”

This was said by Ann Bancroft tonight at the Women for Obama Launch in Minneapolis. Ann goes to the ice. Other women, who were present, go to congress or to a Women for Obama Launch, like me.  
I am glad I have found this topic to write about because I realize much of my blogging, even writing identity has been absorbed in me bearing my soul, and my personal story. It has left me at a loss of late as to what to write.  I guess it is because I am having trouble leaving my story behind.  I am living it everyday- and it still seems so heavily seeped in yesterdays troubles.  I do however see the benefit of not making the story of despair come alive.  Not giving it air makes me have to dig deeper into the wisdom of my stories, and not just the drama of them.  

So what is the wisdom today?   There is a quote in a book I am reading. It comes from the movie Shadowlands.  It says: ” …the pain then, is part of the happiness now.  That’s the deal.”  
The pain now is where I have to go for the lessons.  It is my ice to bear.  I sense the happiness of some day and sometimes even have it now, while in the pain.   And I will understand it is part of the deal when I am more fully there.  
The question is how much longer will I be ‘on the ice?’  How much more will this experience take away?  What will it leave me with?  What will come in its place, and again when?  
Perhaps it is okay to be stripped of what I thought was real.  All of those things I thought were so important.  What I do know, is I am dying to live. I want to be in the world doing what I witnessed these women doing tonight. Amy Klobuchar with her passion and excitement, along with her, Betty McCollum and Ann Bancroft, and all the women in attendance who are strong, professional women who want to make a difference in the world.  
In this energy of women, an urge manifests, one that often gets stifled living in the day to day- to want to come out and be alive, to give the world and myself the best I got.  To dig deep for the wisdom to share, which I would not have gained if it weren’t for going ‘on the ice’ and enduring the pain.  We are all going to have our time, if we haven’t already, where we go through rough episodes, that seem to strip us raw but leave of us with extraordinary faith, gratitude and humility. I don’t offer that I spend all of my days in these places of faith, but all I need to get there lately is a little energy from others who are out there living their lives and making a difference.  
Where do you need to go to get the lesson?  Where do you need to go to be stripped of what is not  you? Where do you need to go to get strength and faith which lets you bring it home and make a difference?

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