>The Next Level

>The other day I noticed a woman walking by my house carrying the book, Simple Abundance. 

Recently a woman I know told me she has begun reading this same book. 
Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach came into my life in 1997. I was 25.  I read it everyday, bringing it with me to Maui on a three week vacation.  I would get up- read my daily page and feeling comfort and joy I went on my morning jog/walk along the beach, and then stopped at the farmer’s market for fruit.  These were perfect days.
Yesterday morning, while walking through the farmer’s market, which is not in Maui, I overheard two women speaking. One was talking about living in the moment- “I take a step back,” she said, “breathe, and remind myself to be in the moment.”
It seems women are waking up everywhere, and it makes me smile.  
Some of you may have noticed I’ve revamped my blog site. On a personal level, it has taken a few days to make this transition. Past readers may recall many deeply personal and honest posts about my current experience of living with my mother, issues within my relationship, and other intimate writings based on the state of my world.  
Although risky, I enjoy being honest and open with others about who I am in any given moment.  It is one way I connect with others, and hopefully through my honesty, touch a place deep within another to inspire new thought, new direction or just commonality, which is so important in an increasingly perceived ‘isolated’ world, where many of us feel alone and unsettled within ourselves.  Perhaps this is why so many reach out to the blogs.  We are curious about others. We long for connection.
For those who are accustomed to my personal posts, trust that woman is present, still here living and processing much in the same way.  However, now, I consciously choose to use this blog in a different way, and I hope you will continue to visit and share your comments with me. I thank you for holding the space while I processed some of my deepest energies out loud.  
So….back to the women I noticed this week.  It’s time for us, for many of us, to take ourselves to the next step on the evolutionary ladder.  For some of us it might mean reading a book such as Simple Abundance to help us remember to take care of ourselves, see the beauty in all things and be grateful.  For others it is time to delve into the shadows, where we don’t often like to go- to experience and learn from those things inside of us we’ve either ignored or denied, but need to go into in order to grow.  And others, it is time to let go of our stories a little bit more and become the teachers and healers we are.  
If we are to thrive, and for some survive, we are going to have to step it up- and this is a good thing.  
What does the next level feel like?  Here, there is more energy and more flow; less restriction and more expansion; less weight and more light.  Our digestion may be off- we may feel a need to change our diet.  Here is where the higher energies can move down into the physical and manifestations can occur.  
Let us now take the time to wonder where we have been in our life:
What season are you in, in your life? Have you hit a plateau?  Do you trust there is more?  Do you desire more? What is the foundation you have set, and is it sturdy enough for you to move forward?  Who do you want to become? How do you want to become?  
Let us use our imaginations.  Let us become curious about our own natures, and pay attention to the subtleties within us and around us.  Let us, as it has been said, “follow our bliss” and our curiosities.  

One thought on “>The Next Level

  1. >Hi Nikki,I just got back from a weekend of travelling, but what is better is that I was doing some “travelling” in my heart during the long drives. Your last two posts coincide with my thoughts. I want to take the time to declare purposefully, I am in the season of remembering/learning to take care of myself, and of letting go of my story a little bit more and becoming the teacher and healer I am made to be.Thanks,DaughteRah

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