>Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

>Maybe you have received the email where different people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and others answer the question (well not really) why the chicken crossed the road. When it was sent to me I was asked what my answer would be.  I thought I would share.

The chicken crossed the road because he wanted a better life.  He knew in his heart there was some place better than where he was.  Although he was comfortable and safe where he was, and had many earthly treasures, he was not satisfied.  This dissatisfaction led him to finally cross the road.  When he did, he felt good, but then he didn’t because he became afraid. He doubted if crossing the road was a good idea. There were a lot of cars, chaos and confusion. Sometimes in his fear he would go back to where he was safe, but you see, he had already begun the journey so he could not stay safe for long. He became too uncomfortable and so he ventured out in the traffic once again. He went back and forth for quite a while.  Sometimes he got hit, and almost lost his life, but over time he became strong, humble and wise, and a new energy opened up for him. This new energy let him know that he was indeed a unique chicken. He no longer doubted the desire to go to the other side.  Instead he trusted it. This trust let him know that all the pain and work to try and get to the other side was worth it..  With this new found energy he continued along, and he began to feel so good he didn’t care if he got to the other side. He was already there.  

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