>Picking up Pieces of Me

I sold my Chanel bag today to a nice woman who also has a thing for designer bags.  I met her at the Galleria, which is a high-end luxury line of stores located in Edina, Minnesota.  I used to go there all the time with my mother and shop and buy designer bags.  I have to say it felt so good to be in there again.  

I didn’t buy anything- didn’t even want to. Instead I walked through the mall, noticing all of the beautiful things in the stores, and smelling all the wonderful scents. Doing so put me in touch with a vital piece of me I have let go of since not having money.  It is the piece of me which loves nice things and not because they are high end or luxury, but because they vibrate at a higher energy.
I remember watching an Oprah show where she was telling her guest, Louise Hay about attracting a bubble blowing kit.  After having a show about bubbles, she had a thought about wanting to blow bubbles. Soon after, she went into her office and found a bubble blowing kit on her desk. And it wasn’t just any bubble blowing kit either- the bubble blower was from Tiffany’s. 
Louise Hay said she attracted a  Tiffany bubble blower because of where she vibrates, which is at a high level.  You see, we may think that having high end items are some ego display, and they sure can be used for this, but luxury items naturally vibrate at a higher frequency and if we are attracted to them, it means we are vibrating there as well- or at least we want to.  

Being amongst the luxurious man made items today made me remember what I love. I love nice things.  In a way I felt like I was home, a bit like I do when I walk through the woods near my house lately.  Nature vibrates at a higher level also, and again since I experienced a lack of money, I was too stressed to be amongst the trees. But no more.  It is time to bring back all the pieces of me I have long forgotten. The pieces that resonate with  beauty in all of its forms- man made and nature made. 

One thought on “>Picking up Pieces of Me

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