>Oh the Places She’ll Go

I am at the hospital with my mom. She is having an upper and lower scope done.  I should be doing some writing, but my mind feels like mush. I have been working on my manuscript for the past several days, or maybe weeks.  Once I get in the groove I am good, but when I am not I feel complete blah, like I do now. I don’t know maybe it is the energy of the hospital. I haven’t been able to write at home in the last few days. It is so quiet there, so I have been going to coffee shops. For some reason I can focus more when there is noise, or maybe like my friend Theri suggested it is the energy of the caffeine that gets me going. Either case, I feel mushy right now, which is why I feel like I am just rambling right now- saying nothing. 

I will move on to something- my daughter, who is 15 and started a blog. I will post it on my blog roll once she changes the name. She put her full name as her title, which I told her to change. It makes me nervous having her information on the internet.  My full-time job has been raising my girls. Now, that my oldest is 15 (picture above)I am beginning to see the pay offs from the dedication.  She is a thoughtful, insightful girl who works hard and is committed to her dream of being an actress- although I know she will be more than that. 
When she was a little girl I made a scrapbook for her. On the front is the cover of Dr. Seuss’s book- Oh, the Places You’ll Go.  She is going to go far.  Maybe all moms say this about their kids, but for me it is different because I am not one to brag and boast about my kids.  I find it unnecessary. Who they are speaks for themselves. When I say she will go far- I say it from the perspective of one human being looking upon another and just knowing there is something special there.  I take no responsibility for it- however I do feel happy I have been the kind of mom to guide and honor who she is, without my stuff getting in the way.

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