>The Truth of Who I AM

This just in from my father:  I was telling him of my recent unearthing process of no longer trying to be a performer and only wanting to be myself.  He said, “One Halloween when you were a little girl you dressed up as Cinderella, with Cinderella mask and dress.  I took you out trick-0r-treating and you said, Dad I don’t want to wear this mask anymore. I just want to be myself.  

I have heard many stories, some of them many times, but I had never heard this one. Little Nikki just wanted to be herself.  Is she not the truth of who I am, more so than this woman I have allowed myself to become?  A woman who has questioned her own authenticity and uniqueness claiming to herself that being the real Nikki isn’t enough?
All I have to say is thanks dad.  You have made it easier to connect with the truth of who I am.

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