>Update on the Sweets

>The space left where sweets used to be is being filled with many insights and lessons, and most recently sensing the true healing of this addiction.  Food is just becoming food- and not something I use to sweeten up life. I am finding other things to sweeten up my life. For instance, I am creating more space in the present moment. I got out my sketch book and drew a picture. I took some pictures. I am spending more time with my daughters- just being with them. I am eating more fruit.  I am writing more often.  I am getting back to my meditation practice, something I have not done in a month.  I am feeling the urge to exercise, again something I haven’t done in a while.  And I know life will just continue to be even sweeter. 

It would be easy to use this experience as a way to punish myself and will myself away from sweets. I have done this several times in the past.  But truly it is a gift- a birthday gift to myself where I allow healing and true sweetness to enter my life.

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