>The Trickling Spring Stream

Two weeks it has been and I have not had any sweets- and here is what I continue to learn from the experience.  I hardly crave it at all and when I do it is okay.  Allowing.

The other day I ordered a glass of iced tea.  Usually I have sweetener, but on this day I didn’t. I drank the tea as it was and enjoyed its nakedness.  I see sweets for what they have been- a barrier between myself and raw substance- in this case tea.  Lesson.

This is a true metaphor for my spiritual life.  I want to be up front and real- up close and personal with all of my experiences and relationships. I don’t want anything to sweeten it up- because life, love, learning- none of it needs sweetening.  I want to look people in the eyes and see them and I want them to see me.  I want to feel the snow and rain on my face.  I want to smile and inhale the beauty surrounding me. I want to feel the experiences of my loved ones and be there for them in ways that allow them to be where they are.  I want nothing between me and you- me and us- me and this- me and that- me and everything- ever again.  
I remember tasting a bit of this when I lived in New Prague, MN.  I was walking through the neighborhood on a cool spring day, just as the snow was melting and trickling down the street. The sight of water made me want to reach over, bend down and touch it and I did. But I hesitated.  Why? Because what if someone saw me?  Wouldn’t I look ridiculous touching the tricking stream of melting wet snow?  I touched it anyway. It was cold. Raw. Real.  I saw how life is constantly giving us opportunities to inhale its richness, aliveness and beauty- and on the flip how we have been conditioned to believe to do so is childlike- weird- not normal and so we don’t.  When was the last time you stood in the pouring rain spinning in a continuos circle asking life to love you even more than it already does? Would you look ridiculous? Only to those who don’t see the pure joy in just being and allowing the impulse within us to move us to do the unusual, which is really the impulse inside of us to do what is usual.  Real. Raw. Alive.
I understand I do not need literal sweets to make my life sweeter. It already is. I only need all that is already surrounding me- life, love, opportunity and every once and awhile a trickling spring stream to relish in.

3 thoughts on “>The Trickling Spring Stream

  1. >Hi Nikki, I’m here from the Blogher ad link. Just wanted to let you know that the last few weeks here in Minnesota we’ve had lots of those spring days when the snow is melting and rivulets run down the sidewalks and down the streets. I haven’t played with the water yet this spring, but this post reminded me to do it. thank you!

  2. >You are welcome- I am in Minnesota too- so I know what you mean, although I haven’t spent enough time outside- too many hours in front of a computer.

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