>I Will Never Afford That

>Once upon a time I had a thing for designer bags. 

During these external impoverished days they have become like trophies- collecting dust and no longer necessary.  

I sent out emails to friends and family with pictures of my bags and the prices I am selling them for. Most people didn’t respond and the ones that did said, “I will never be able to afford that.” 
Why do we box ourselves in like this?  Never is a long time and do we really believe this? 
Today the wise voice that is my Higher Self said, careful what you trap yourself in.  
We all get into traps because we all have minds that are not fully awake yet. Therefore, we box ourselves in.  We lose touch with who we really are and by the time we wake up we are not only externally trapped in something we do not like, but internally trapped in belief structures that got us there as well.  
How do we recover?  By paying attention.  Easier said than done, right?  Well, we are complex beings,  and beyond that there lies a simple truth- we are elegant in our desire to appreciate and revel in life and also our desire to destroy life- or at least make it more difficult.   
When someone says to me I will never afford that, I am going to assume this is what they want- to never afford that.  As much as people say they want money, they fear it more.  Fear does not create wealth.  Truth does, and the truth is we all can have what we want.  
One may think that purchasing a designer bag will create more poverty. I believe if it is what one wants, purchasing it can create more wealth.  In this way you are telling the Universe- this is what I like. This is what I want.  This is what creates prosperity.  

2 thoughts on “>I Will Never Afford That

  1. >The thought of “I can never afford” these type of “luxury Items” is all based on lessons learned from you up bring “Poor Dad”. If it is not your up bring it is from your process this far in life. If you can’t dream it, you will not have to worry about doing it because you can’t even see yourself in it. I think you should dream the imaginable so you can do the impossible. In the end you can only “Do You” That is One Black Mans Opinion

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