>Cup of Comfort

>In my life I have had things of comfort- tea, books, writing, warm baths.  I still have my books and my writing, but I have lost my warm baths. I do have a tub- but it does not compare to the tubs I have had- so I do not succumb to the tub that I have.    

Tonight in the cold and the big belly I see from eating too much chocolate- I have my tea.  I have enjoyed tea since I was a little girl.  
Tea means I need time for myself.  Tea means all is well.  Tea means I chose it over chocolate.  Tonight tea means I am tired.  I need rest.  I am crabby and I am cold and I need something warm to soothe me. Tea also means I have nothing else to write about but tea.  That is how tired I am- but I am committed to my blog- two days absent is quite enough. So tea it is.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Namaste, Nikki  

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