>Scratch- It Was Good!

I take it back. I take it all back. I was feeling a bit mean by one of my most recent posts about my daughter’s play.  I saw the World Premier tonight and it was quite wonderful.  I think a large audience truly helps. The actors showed up and it was great.  The over all timing was good- they took their time- they let it flow, they allowed for pause so we could feel and experience their display.  I felt the pain of the little girl being whipped by the master’s son.  I felt the enthusiasm of the slaves listening to the story of slave John and the master.  I felt the hope of the young man who yearned for freedom. And I felt the sadness and abandonment displayed by the doll (my daughter, who is shown with the kerchief on her head) when she was left behind (by accident) as they went off to freedom.  

So hey, go check it out (website below)- and I will quote my daughter as I depart for the evening. On a recent radio show she said we have become numb to slavery.  
This play does revivifies it thoughtfully through the eyes of a young girl and her doll’s endearing spirit.  

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