>Manifesting Meg

>I am going to tell you a story about manifesting. It happened about 3 years ago. I was on Martha’s Vineyard with my mother and two daughters. Have you ever been to Martha’s Vineyard? Other than Maui it is absolutely my favorite place. My mom calls it a Nikki place, which is anywhere it is misty, foggy, gray and rainy. Okay so Maui might be the exception. The Vineyard like so many other places, Maui, Lake Superior and most recently London calls to me often. The Vineyard has so far called to me twice, more if I count the several times I go there on mental vacations. Yes, there I am on my hammock between the trees, which stand on a hill where my gray clapboard house sits, gazing up at the misty sky and noticing the grassy, sandy beach below.

This particular visit I developed a routine of getting up early and going for walks around Edgartown. Each walk around Edgartown was different. One morning I wandered to the nearby beach and looked for shells and rocks to bring home. Another morning I strolled the sidewalks and fantasized about the people who lived in the big houses near the beach. One particular morning I left the residential neighborhood of tree lined streets and cozy cottages and happened upon a nature preserve. Inside the preserve was one round path. How far it went around I did not know but I decided to give it a try.

Often on my walks I like to visualize my future. For some reason I began imagining my future with Meg Ryan. All of a sudden in my mind’s eyes we were the best of friends. We had met on my walk. She was walking one way and I the other. Our eyes met, she smiled that Meg Ryan smile and instantly we were chatting endlessly about all kinds of things. It turns out Meg and I have lots in common. I found my steps, as I continued this imaginary encounter with Meg, to be lighter and looser and I was smiling at the trees, the sun and the sky. I took my loose steps and went back to the hotel.

We had plans to venture to the other side of the island, where there were more beaches and lighthouses and a place called Gay Head. My mom as usual was anxious to get there, so we got in the rental car and began our journey. We talked along the way about this and that and my mind began to wander to a place I love on the Vineyard. As my mind wandered, so did the car.
“Where are you going,” my mom asked.

” I’m going to Menemsha,” I answered.

Irritated, my mom said, “ I thought we were going to Gay Head.”

“Well, we will get there too,” I answered hesitantly.

“What is Menemsha anyway?” she asked.

“Don’t you remember, it is that cute little fishing village.” To entice her, I said, “There are stores there.”

“Why do you want to go there,” she continued?

“Because I like it and I can’t imagine being at the Vineyard and not going. Just relax mom we are on vacation. What’s the rush? We have nowhere we have to go.”

My mother resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going to get her way. Besides I was driving, and to help I decided to stop at Chilmark Chocolates where they make chocolate candies by hand.

After chocolate in Chilmark we headed down a hill- to the space where the hill ends and the misty laid back town of Menemsha begins.

I noticed there was a craft fair, which made it more crowded than usual and it took awhile to find a place to park. The air was chilly and gray, just how I like it. My mom scowled while I smiled. We got out of the car, and walked down the dirt road. We stopped at a few craft stands and then the town’s clothing stores and bought a sweater or two.

Lilli, who was 4, was in her happy place telling me how she wanted to find a penny on the ground. Like me, she thinks it’s magic. Wanting to preserve the magic for her I said, “Imagine finding one and see what happens.” When she wasn’t looking I went into my purse, found two pennies and put them on the ground and said, “Lilli come here.” And guess what she found when she did. Boy, was she excited to find not one penny, but two.

We were almost at the end of the dirt road, which meant the end of the shops and our time in Menemsha, but before we left there was one more store to see- a Menemsha tee shirt shop. As we moved closer, Alyssa said, “Isn’t that Meg Ryan?” My mom, always the fanatic for a celebrity, screamed, “Where?”

“In there- she just went into that tee shirt place.” My mom ran to the store with Alyssa following close behind. I stayed behind. It didn’t surprise me Meg might be there.

Alyssa came out panting, “Mom do you have a pen and paper? Grandma is in there making a fool of herself and asking for her autograph but she doesn’t even have a pen or paper.”

“I have the pen, but not paper,” I said. I gave it to her and she ran back into the store. Lilli and I waited. Lilli was still happy about her two pennies.

Have you ever experienced a moment with someone where you felt a connection- even though nothing was said? I had this moment with Meg. She walked out of the store, carrying a small bag in her hand and as she was about to walk down the small set of steps she looked up at me and smiled. You know that Meg Ryan smile we all know and love. The one she gave Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle and Tom Hanks again in You’ve Got Mail. Okay, so I am not Tom Hanks, but I felt as if she knew as much as I did that we would see each other. It was magic, (yet not)- just like Lilli’s pennies.

Meg went into her Toyota and we walked to the water and reflected on the day’s event. Alyssa got an autograph. My mom got her celebrity thrill. Lilli got her two shiny pennies. And I got a sacred moment with Meg Ryan- a moment that confirmed the power of attraction and intention. Life long friends, hanging out and chatting, we are not, at least not yet.

Here is to manifesting,

*This is taken from a future Toasmasters speech.

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