My intention for this blog, and others I will do, is to share my thoughts and experiences as I travel on the spiritual path. The spiritual life has always been important to me and as I open up to it, it becomes even more important. The journey, however is not just about me anymore like it once was, it is now about the whole, and how I can be a part of that whole in a significant and heartfelt way. I hope that whatever exposure this blog gets, it is taken seriously, not as a way to merely entertain, but to connect to these higher ideas that are within us all. I also hope, by sharing my personal journey that I inspire, enlighten and perhaps support others who value and honor the spiritual life as well.

As our external world becomes more chaotic, which it will, which it already has, it is important that we go within and get to know who we really are and no longer encourage those parts of us that contribute to the chaos not only in our personal lives, but beyond them as well. There is a kind of lethargy that has taken over the planet, where many of us have fallen asleep and forgotten who we are and what we are here to do. Fortunately there is a stirring and for some it has produced an awakening, but for many others they still desire to sleep. This is why it is important to share and connect to the ideas which strengthen, not weaken us, so that as more begin to wake up, that momentum will carry across the planet and help shift those who still choose sleep.

This is serious business, yet we do not have to personally be serious as we travel. The spiritual path, although filled with duty and repsonsibility, is also filled with light and love and joy. There is a certain kind of freedom that begins to awaken in us when we ourselves begin to awaken to who we are. We begin to understand that we are not alone and that we have a purpose, and in that knowing we can be joyful as we begin to explore our depths and be of service to others.

If this sounds like a place you are at in your life, where you feel you can make a difference or you feel you are just beginning to explore your depths, please continue to connect with this blog, sharing your journey, your Truth.



2 thoughts on “Intention

  1. >Thanks for commenting. You are my first. I am no re-inspired to keep adding to it. It has been awhile. I enjoyed your blog as well. I see you are from Minnesota.

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